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Questions: How can I get rid of dark circles under my eyes?

I have dark circles under my eyes and they look like fish scales. -.-
I don’t have a healthy diet in general. I also don’t like suing anti-puff eye rollers.
Any other suggestions for getting rid of these annoying and dull circles under my eyes? Any diet suggestions?
I also heard that vitamin K is good for getting rid of these circles, is this true?


well, i heard one reason is because you need more sleep. try that. also if you put petrollium jelly under your eyes before you go to bed and then DAB a lil’ conseler in the morning and repeat till they are go you’ll be good

Could Vitamin D Help Prevent Meningitis? – Food Consumer

Could Vitamin D Help Prevent Meningitis?
Food Consumer
Saturday Oct 6, 2012 ( — Meningitis, which can be caused by a number of infectious agents like fungi, bacteria and viruses, is highly lethal. A new study in the journal Epidemiology and Infection suggests that taking vitamin D

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