Vitamin C

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C may shorten cold, not stop it – San Francisco Chronicle

Fact: After decades and dozens of studies, it appears the idea that Vitamin C prevents colds is just an old wives’ tale. But there is some evidence that high doses of the vitamin, which is found in citrus fruit and other produce, may slightly shorten


 Vitamin C

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Vitamin C For Skin 

Vitamin C for the skin, Vitamin C  is an antioxidant, which is important for the body to fight against free radicals that can harm or damage our bodies. It also help to protect our skin from cancer and heart disease.

Vitamin C Benefits

Vitamin C has a lot of health benefits. Since Vitamins is a complex substance that helps our body and aid in regulating and maintaining one’s health.

Vitamin C Overdose Vitamin C Overdose – Lifestyle Lounge –

As we all know, Vitamin C is really good for health, however, overdose could be a little problematic. Check out more about side effects of Vitamin C overdose.

Vitamin C Foods ‘C’ Food Better For Your Kidneys: Stones Linked to Vitamin C

A recent study indicates that taking Vitamin C supplements can lead to increased kidney stone production, so we’ve got a list of foods with high ‘C’ content to help circumvent that particularly painful problem.

Vitamin C Singer Vitamin C Singer – mybestvitamin

vitamin c singer Top vitamin c singer Resources Our Top vitamin c singer Resource The Greatest Vitamin In The World There will never be anything as good for the body as this! The Greatest Vitamin in the World was designed

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A deficiency may be a result of inadequate nutritional intake of Vitamin D, along with an inadequate amount of exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet B rays. Or, Vitamin D deficiency may indicate an issue affecting the kidneys, liver

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Vitamin B12 acts differently than other vitamins. Learn how it prevents pernicious anemia and why you need intrinsic factor to avoid a B12 deficiency.

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