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Questions: Is the white race genetically weaker?

Cuz when i go too the gym i only see white ppl taking supplements to get big never blacks its like theu build muscle naturally. The white skin can defend itself against the sun they burn or go red in iy.for too long which they havent adapted to it yet. White ppl seem to be the most likley to be depressed or commit suicide when apparently being white is great. They r most likley to shoot up public places.cause.they were bullied. I came to a conclusion that whites are a mutation thats whu they create gingers the recessive gene. I think they need to be exterminated


Physically yes, however we are mentally stronger.

Thinker: Chinese on average are more intelligent than Whites, but Indians are not.

Leopold, go sit on a horseradish. >:-)

No. White people are NOT genetically weaker; are you daft?

Another holiday troll – Happy Thanksgiving!

Those are white Americans. The majority of kids in this country are white and Americans are fatasses. So more people in general in this country=more fatasses. And since there are more white people in America, there are more white fatasses.

white people and black people are both strong compared to east asian people. and white people with red hair or what ever gingers are, they shouldn’t be exterminated. for such a small population, the so called gingers have been proven to be smarter.

Nutritional Supplements’ Misleading Claims: Report – ABC News (blog)

Nutritional Supplements' Misleading Claims: Report
ABC News (blog)
Dangerous and illegal claims have been made by some widely sold nutritional supplements. Findings by a new federal report today say dozens of weight-loss and immune system supplements are illegally labeled and lack scientific evidence for their health

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