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Multivitamins are the most common recommended and prescribed daily supplements by most physician. Multivitamins is an essential form of supplements that are taken by most individuals to boost or support the body needs for an essential nutrients that are lacking in daily diets. Physician recommend multivitamins to be taken daily to make sure that a person is getting a balance nutrients. There are a lot of Multivitamins available in the market/pharmaceutical stores. It is either in the form of capsules, tablet, syrup,gel, etc.. Before taking Multivitamins make sure that it is prescribed and know the information on how it is taken. Carefully read the information to prevent over dosage especially if it is given to elders and small children.


Questions: Can I take folic acid and biotin together?

I’m looking to make my hair and nails healthier/stronger and I heard that taking a combination of folic acid and biotin works best. I’ve bought 800mcg of folic acid, and 1,000 mcg of biotin. I want to take just one of each of the pills per day so I won’t go too overboard with the supplements.

I also take a daily multivitamin and I’m currently on a diet and exercise regime.

I’m just slightly worried that these supplements will affect my birth control pill, or should I not be worried? I guess I’m just paranoid because folic acid is recommended for pregnant women and I obviously am definitely not wanting to get pregnant anytime soon lol.

i have been taking one 300mcg biotin and one 500mcg folic acid daily for nearly 3 years and ive never had negative effects and it doesnt affect the pill. Does make my hair super healthy tho..

Not just all in the mind: How a vitamin a day helps boost memory – Daily Mail

One study at Monash University in Australia looked at whether multivitamins can improve cognitive abilities, and involved 3,200 men and women. The results showed that those who used a multivitamin had improved ability to recall events or information.


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