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Calcium is a mineral found in various foods. The body needs calcium to keep well-built bones and to perform numerous crucial functions. Almost all calcium is stored in bones and teeth, where it supports their shape and rigidity.
The body also needs calcium for muscles to travel and for nerves to relay messages Linking the brain and every body function. In addition, Calcium is worn to improve blood vessels redistribute blood all over the body and to help release hormones and enzymes that affect almost every function in the human body.

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Questions: How many grams of calcium chloride will be produced when 32.0 g of calcium carbonate are combined with 15.0 g?

CaCo3 + 2HCl –> CaCl2 + H2O + CO2

How many grams of Calcium chloride will be produced when 32.0 g of calcium carbonate are combined with 15.0 g of hydrochloric acid?
Which reactant is in excess and how many grams of this reactant will remain after the reaction is complete?

HOW do you solve it?


You would have to calculate how many moles of calcium carbonate and moles of hydrochloric acid you have. After you calculate that, see how many moles of calcium chloride can be produced using the reaction you gave us.

For example (THESE ARE NOT CORRECT NUMBERS: If you had 3 moles of CaCO3 and 4 moles of HCl, you could only make 2 moles of CaCl2 because you only have enough HCl to make 2 moles of CaCl2. Remember that there is a ‘2’ in front of HCl. With this said, you would have a 1 mole excess of CaCO3. In order to see how many grams of reactant remain, just convert the leftover moles to grams (In this hypothetical scenario, convert 1 mole of CaCO3 to grams).

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